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This classroom was offline on January 6 and your coursework may have been affected

If you did not use this classroom on the morning of Tuesday, January 6, 2015, you can ignore this message. If you did use this classroom that morning, please read on.

The short, non-technical story

Any coursework completed in this classroom between 1:20am and 11:40am on January 6, 2015, may have been "lost":

  • This does not affect course completions -- if you completed a course during this time and received a certificate, your certificate is still valid and your completion will still be filed with the relevant state agency
  • This does mean that any lessons, quizzes, or exams that you completed on that morning will no longer appear to be completed

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about this incident.

The longer, somewhat technical story

At about 11:40am CST on Tuesday January 6, this classroom went offline because of a hardware problem in our web hosting vendor's data center. Initially it appeared that our vendor would fix the problem quickly but as the afternoon continued it became clear that we were going to have to wait for quite a while.

So, rather than making our students continue to wait to get back to their coursework, we decided to restore the classroom to a new server from our most recent backup, which was taken at 1:20am on January 6.

Unfortunately this means that all activity that occurred in this classroom between 1:20am and 11:40am has been "lost". Of course it's almost certainly not lost for good, because we expect to regain access to the original server at some point. We just don't know how soon. We have been using this hosting vendor for years and have never seen a problem like this in that time, so the problem seems to be a fairly significant one.